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Many women prefer to check if they are pregnant in the convenience of their home before they can fix an appointment with the doctor. One of the easiest way to take a pregnancy test at home is by using a Pregtest card. Using this card is very simple and one can easily get to know if you are pregnant.

How to use Pregtest card?

All the woman has to do is put three drops if urine on the space provided on the card and wait for some time. Normally the kit contains set of three cards.

How does this Pregtest card work?

If two pink or purple lines appear, then the test is positive and you are pregnant. In case there is only one single coloured line then the test is negative and if no line appears then the test is not valid and needs to be repeated after few days.

Pregtest card online:

If you are wondering just where to get the pregnancy kit, then keep in mind that this is available with your local chemist. But if you are reluctant to go the chemist in your area, then place the order online through reputed online pharmacy that is



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