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Ovral G can now be bought online

This is a pack of 21 tablets which is mainly used by women as an oral contraceptive as it helps in avoiding unwanted pregnancy. It is also used to treat other problems which are related to the menstrual cycle. It is always better to consult a qualified doctor before using the Ovral G pills as there can be some side effects.

How should you use Ovral G?

Along with the 21 active pills there are 7 placebo pills. You need to take one pill every day. Speak to your doctor before you start the pack.

How does it work?

The active ingredients in the pill do not let the egg become mature. They are basically responsible for preventing ovulation and thus they help in avoiding an unwanted pregnancy. Taking the pills as prescribed is important to get the best results.

Ovral G Online

These pills can be bought from the local chemist and you do not need a prescription for the same. If you want these pills to be delivered to your home, then you can always order them through which is one the best online pharmacies. They have original drugs and are known to provide the best service.


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