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Making use of oral contraceptives is one of the easiest ways to avoid pregnancies that you do not want. One pill which is considered to be one of the best oral contraceptives is Ovral L.

How should you use Ovral L?

This is a hormone medication. The strip contains 21 active pills and 7 inactive pills. You need to take one pill everyday as directed by your doctor. It is important that you consult your doctor before you start taking the pills. Your doctor will tell you exactly how the pills need to be taken.

How does it work?

These pills contain progestin hormone and estrogen. These pills mainly prevent the release of the egg. They also bring about other changes like they make the vaginal fluid thick so that the sperms do not reach the egg. They also prevent the fertilized egg from getting attached to the uterine lining.

Ovral L Online

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