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Misoprostol Tablets


Misoprostol Abortion Pill

If you are pregnant but not quite ready to have a baby; you generally make your mind up for abortion. If your pregnancy is in the preliminary phase, abortion pill is the safest way for the termination of pregnancy. Misoprostol abortion pill is the most dependable solution to your problem. Millions of women worldwide have securely terminated their pregnancies with this medicine.

Guidelines for using  Misoprostol abortion pill

Misoprostol is usually sold in pharmacies in tablets of 200 mcg. Four tablets are advised to initiate an early abortion. The medicine works best in case of early pregnancy. It is safe, more effective, and less painful.

How does a Misoprostol abortion pill work?

The pill works best in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  After that, there could be a chance of complication and need for serious medical attention.  If you decide to use misoprostol after 12 weeks, please consult a medical practitioner. Misoprostol causes contractions of the womb and as an outcome the womb expels the pregnancy. There is a risk of heavy bleeding so you are recommended to be treated by a doctor.

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